Legal Highs: When should I stop smoking Synthetic Cannabis & Legal Weed?

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Synthetic Cannabis is a DRUG, just like natural cannabis, ecstasy, paracetamol and alcohol. Drugs should be taken in moderation, not every day.

If you are smoking legal highs, or taking any drug on a very regular basis, and you are taking any drug to feel normal, it’s time to look at your usage.

So, how much is too much when it comes to smoking synthetic cannabis or taking legal highs?

Well the answer is pretty simple, if you are smoking EVERY DAY then you must question WHY?

What are your reasons for smoking every day?

If you answer YES to any of these questions below, it’s time to seek assistance or take a break from any drugs.

  • Do you take drugs including legal weed every day to feel normal?
  • Do you take drugs including legal weed every day to help you sleep?
  • Do you take drugs including legal weed every day to help you feel happy?

If you have answered YES to ANY of those three questions, then you MUST reassess your usage patterns.

The first step is making the conscious decision to take a break or stop smoking. YOU must realize this is NOT the fault of the drugs. ALL NATURAL DRUGS, no matter what, natural drugs like heroin, cannabis, alcohol or cocaine can be addictive to some people. ALL SYNTHETIC DRUGS, including synthetic cannabis, ecstasy and mephedrone (meow meow) can be addictive to some people.

DRUGS make you feel GOOD in most cases. Most people start by taking drugs in the weekend. It usually starts like this;

1. Have a few drinks of alcohol with friends on the weekend, relax, feel social and talk

2. Share a small joint with friends on the weekend, relax, feel creative and talk

3. Do some energy pills or speed at a dance party on the weekend, get energy, feel good and talk all night

BUT – some people decide to start taking drugs during the week. Sometimes it starts after work like this;

1. Have a few drinks of alcohol after work, relax, get rid of bad thoughts from stressful day

2. Have a bong on my own, after work, relax, chill out after a stressful day at work

3. Do some energy pills or speed before work to get enough energy to get through the work day

Most of you reading this will start to remember, when you first started, DRUGS were a SOMETIMES thing. This includes alcohol. It starts with a few cans of bourbon or some RTD’s on a Saturday night, then you start drinking during the week, sometimes you sneak a drink at work.

The same thing applies to DRUGS such as cannabis and synthetic legal weed. First you try it, you like the buzz. It’s cheap and affordable. You smoke maybe on a Saturday night with some friends, but then you start smoking every day. You enjoy the buzz and you smoke every day and every night.


This is where YOU must make the CHOICE.

WHY do you smoke every day or night? WHY?

If you CHOOSE to take drugs and smoke legal highs every night, then it is YOUR choice. Don’t put the blame on the drugs, put the blame on yourself when you start to have a problem.

If you feel that you are ADDICTED, then follow this link for more information about how to stop smoking synthetic cannabis; How to quit synthetic cannabis and legal highs.

YOU HAVE A CHOICE. If you are smoking more than a couple of packs per week, it is the same thing as drinking a couple of boxes of beer. It’s not normal and not good for your health. TAKE A BREAK.



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