Police to start issuing fines, prosecuting dairies as grace period ends

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More than 28 days has passed since the new Psychoactive Substances Bill was passed in to law, which means that the grace period is now over.

Retailers must now ensure that they have their government issued interim licence to continue to sell legal highs and other psychoactive substances.

Police are likely to start fining dairies and retail outlets for selling legal highs, including synthetic cannabis brands such as Kryptonite, Tai High and Everest, if they can not produce their interim licence issued by the government.

The government has been slow in granting interim licences, frustrating many in the industry. However according to a tweet by “The Star Trust” – the Ministry of Health received 75% of the licence submissions in the final week which is likely to further delay the process along with the recent earthquakes that affected many in the lower North Island regions.

Now that the law is in full effect, any businesses selling legal highs, illegally, could face a fine of up to $40’000 and up to three months in jail.

Sales are restricted to those aged 18 and over and all promotional advertising is banned outside of the stores.

All products have strict labeling rules and manufacturers must start undergoing testing to prove that their products are ‘low risk’ in the next few months.

Some local communities and councils are banding together to try and run some ‘smoke shops’ out of town. Protests and local bylaws are being planned by some communities.



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