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This week, the STAR Trust launched a ‘Code of Conduct’ and a new industry body to audit it according to Grant Hall.

The main goal is to help licensed retailers of legal highs maintain their responsibilities under the new Psychoactive Substances Act.

The Psychoactive Industry Training Association [P.I.T.A.] will offer training resources to help retailers stay compliant with the new regulations. Retailers who join the new body must also sign up to an Industry Code of Conduct.

“Key to the future success of this new industry will be our commitment to excellence,” said Grant Hall, General Manager of the STAR Trust.

The main goal is to help licensed retailers of legal highs maintain their responsibilities under the new Psychoactive Substances Act.

“Our ‘Code of Conduct’ sets a standard that is above that required by law. It sets a standard that we are proud of and it signals to the Government and community that we are serious about industry self regulation,” claimed Mr Hall.

Each retailer member will be randomly audited to ensure compliance with the new code and a summary audit report will be shared with the Ministry of Health every six months to maintain industry integrity. The public will also be able to engage with PITA to provide feedback if they believe a retailer is being unethical.

“We fully understand the genuine concerns some may still have around these retailers and that’s why we are working so hard to set a standard of compliance that gives greater peace of mind to local communities,” said Mr Hall.

The STAR Trust acknowledges that the Psychoactive Substances Act puts stringent conditions on retailers and believes that Industry self regulation will help maintain standards.

“The Government’s decision to create a regulated, legal market for psychoactive substances is world leading and the industry members who are granted licenses need to be held to the highest standards of integrity,” concluded Mr Hall.


The STAR Trust is a non-profit, NGO that advocates for regulatory systems which are evidence based and nurture harm minimisation, whilst also respecting an individual’s right to access low risk social tonics.

The STAR Trust is funded by private contributions from individuals and industry members committed to drug policy reform and research. The STAR Trust represents the industry and monitors a voluntary code of conduct for responsible operators.

For further information, please contact:
Grant Hall 021 900 728


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