Police launch campaign against legal high sales [3NEWS]

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Christchurch police are about to launch a campaign against the sale of synthetic cannabis, but shop owners who already stock the legal high say the crackdown won’t stop them from selling it.

“All our constables in Papanui will be going around the dairies to find out where it’s being sold,” says Sergeant Bevan Seal of Papanui police. “If the dairies don’t sell it, we will put up these posters just to tell the people in the community that this is a great dairy and they care about the young people in the community.”

The synthetic drug, including the popular K2 brand, can cause violent behaviour, disorientation, paranoia and sometimes even seizures.

“Because it is in dairies it is a temptation for young people. They can buy it while they are there, so we are going to try and stop that from happening,” says Sgt Seal.

3 News visited 10 convenience stores in Christchurch today; six of the dairies that sold K2 said they would continue to sell the legal high, while the remaining four that didn’t stock it supported the crackdown.

“We will put a poster in the window and that will hopefully discourage customers coming in and asking for the K2, which we will not ever stock,” says dairy manager Lynette Andrell.

Many of the cannabinoids haven’t been tested on humans or even animals, which police says is another reason for dairy owners and their customers to steer clear of the drug.

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