Panic attacks or anxiety from synthetic cannabis

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Anxiety and panic attacks from smoking blends and herbal incense such as K2 or Tai High is not un-common for “inexperienced users” that are smoking synthetic incense for the first time. Some people may also experience mild anxiety or panic attacks if they smoke too much Tai High or K2 in a very short period of time.

Anxiety or panic attacks are common for a small percentage of both natural cannabis and synthetic cannabis users and is only a short-term side-effect for most people. Anxiety will often dissipate very quickly after about 10 to 15 minutes from the time of smoking and the best advice is to simply remain calm, relax, focus on your breathing and keeping occupied with household chores or simply go for a walk. Some people suggest listening to some music or having a couple of light drinks may help.

The effects from synthetic cannabis can be overwhelming for first time users as many blends on the market cater to the regular users that prefer something strong.

It is recommended not to mix synthetic cannabis with alcohol or other substances, including recreational and prescription drugs and medicines.

Some users may also experience a heavy chest or think that they are having difficulty breathing, this can also be attributed to a mild panic attack or anxiety and will pass very quickly.

Remember to stay hydrated and perhaps have some sugary lollies if you are feeling light headed.


If you would like to talk to other users about your experience on synthetic cannabis, visit the TripMe Legal Highs Forum here.

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