NZ Legal Highs & Phsychoactive Substances Bill update [JULY]

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An update this week from the Ministry of Health, the second reading of the bill will be completed tomorrow on the 2nd of July.

The bill will go to Committee stage on Thursday 4th July with the third and final reading on Tuesday the 9th of July.

The bill will come in to force the day after it receives the Royal assent. This means that it will become law on the 10th of July at the earliest, however could be delayed by a couple of days.

What we do know is that next week will be the LAST week of sale.

Changes CAN occur during the Committee stage, such as changes on the position of animal testing. These will be voted on during the committee stage.

The Ministry will not have the detailed regulations under the Bill ready by next week, so they have drafted a transitional schedule to the bill to provide for an interim approach until detailed regulations are put in place.

The information and forms for this transitional process will be available here on as soon as we have the links or access to them.

There is a 28 day period following the bill coming in to force within which to make these applications, as we reported earlier. During this time, provided an application is made within that period; R18 stores and similar outlets may continue to sell synthetic cannabis and other legal highs. This also applies to online legal highs stores.

The full, final and complete regulations will likely be released for consultation at least 2-3 months after the Bill comes in to force.


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