New Zealand government rules out testing legal highs on animals

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Prime Minister John Key has announced that all animal testing will be banned in respect of synthetic cannabis and party pills.

The National Government had intended to allow tests to be carried out on rats, but not other animals such as rabbits.

Official advice from the health department was that testing of rats alone would not be sufficient and testing has to be on two species, this means that test on rabbits may have been required before human trials would be allowed to begin.

John Key is uncomfortable about testing legal highs on anything other than rats, which means animal testing is out altogether.

The move has been welcomed by passionate animal rights supporters and the public alike.

The new law to ban animal testing for legal highs will be included in legislation which is to be introduced to Parliament this week.

Work on the issue of testing legal highs hasn’t stopped. Government officials now need to come up with a functioning and thorough testing regime without the need for animal testing.

Some options for testing legal highs may include computer modelling or even human trials.

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