New Legal Highs ready for sale only 10 minutes after midnight ban

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New K2 alternatives Tai High and Crazy Cartel popped up on an online website only 10 minutes after the ban kicked in on May the 9th.

Tai High told us that their products did not contain the same banned cannabinoids as K2 and that they use “different chemical formulations”.

A sales representative from the Party Pill Highs website told us that the Tai High products that they stock did not contain the same chemicals as the K2 brands and that they would continue to sell legal formulations until such time as they’re banned.

“We support regulation within the industry and we believe it will lead to better support and health standards for manufacturers, retailers and consumers” they said. “We think it’s a good thing and look forward to August to see how it all plays out with the new legal highs bill”.

Tai High brand synthetic cannabis has been around longer than both K2 and Kronic brands and was one of the original synthetic cannabis smoking blends along with Spice Gold when the legal high BZP was banned around five years ago.

Many users of the TripMe Legal Highs Forum say that they thought the Tai High brand was a safer option than K2 and will continue to buy Tai High while it is still legal.

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