New Legal Highs Legislation in Parliment today

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New Legislation that is to significantly change the rules around the manufacture and sale of legal highs goes before Parliament for the first time today.

MPs are due to debate the first reading of the Psychoactive Substance Bill today on the 9th April 2013.

The new legislation aims to regulate party pill sales by making manufacturers prove their products are safe before they can be sold to the public.

Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne says the approach is a significant change and means authorities will no longer have to play catch up when it comes the sale of such drugs.

“At the moment we have to deal with these situations as they come onto the market.”

“What this says is that unless you’ve cleared this away as being a low-risk product, it won’t get anywhere near the market to start with.”

The new law is likely to be in place by August this year and manufacturers may have up to a six month amnesty period to close down their operations.


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