Mainstream media misleading public about new legal highs law

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Some mainstream media outlets are misleading the public with information about the Psychoactive Substances law, causing more confusion.

A headline from website spotted on google claims that ‘legal highs could soon be back on dairy shelves’, provoking and misleading the public.

The Ministry of Health says that interim approval allows sales of some legal highs to continue in R18 and specialty stores while both manufacturers and retailers make their submissions for interim licences.

Over 50 applications for product approvals and licences to import, research, distribute and retail have been made to the government already, less than one week after the new psychoactive substances bill was passed in to law on July the 18th.

It costs $10’000 to apply for interim approval of a product and $500 to distribute or retail legal highs.

Products that have had negative media attention such as Kronic and K2 are unlikely to be approved for an interim licence. Products must have been sold for three months or more before the act took effect without being banned in order for manufacturers and retailers to continue to sell while they seek interim approval.

There is still some confusion around the new laws and what can and can’t be sold.

For more information, contact the Ministry of Health on 0800 855 066.


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