Breaking: Legal Highs will be banned at Midnight on Wednesday 7th May

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Breaking News: The remaining 36 Legal Highs and Synthetic Cannabis products will officially be banned and illegal to sell at 12:01 am Thursday 8th May.

Retailers are likely to remain open until the last possible moment to sell remaining stock, however some online stores have already been shut down.

Parliament went in to urgency to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of synthetic cannabis and legal highs today.

Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee moved the motion to pass the Psychoactive Substances Amendment bill through all stages saying that it had been hoped the bill which passed last year would remove the “scourge” of synthetic highs from the market.

The motion was passed with the Green Party and Mana Party opposed.

Health Minister Tony Ryall said that the bill would end all current interim product approvals and no products could be sold until they were proven to be safe.

The bill would restrict the use of animal testing by making any information from animal testing inadmissible in proving them low risk and safe for sale.

Under the bill, all licence holders are required to tell authorities what substances they had and how they would be disposed of.

The bill rules out any compensation to businesses that lost money from the ban.

From Thursday, 8th May, there will be heavy penalties for manufacturing, selling and possessing synthetic cannabis.

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