Protesters inconsistent with message, consistent with double standards.

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Legal Highs protests are being organized by a small group of determined people around the country, some of which will be taking place this weekend.

However some are questioning the tactics and ethics behind the protests and the protesters themselves, promoting alcohol while dissuading legal highs.

The organizers of some legal highs protests planned for this weekend are using scare tactics and false hysteria to drive the “anti legal highs” campaigns in the hope that they will put a stick in the wheels of the governments multimillion dollar Psychoactive Substances Act, designed to regulate and tax the legal highs market in New Zealand.

Some legal highs industry insiders admit that there are some problematic users, but consenting, mature adults should have the option and freedom to use recreational, legal social tonics as an alternative to the highly dangerous and addictive drug we know as alcohol.

“The protesters are clearly very upset and are emotionally fueled after seeing friends and / or family building a habit, and perhaps an addiction to these products, but they are not seeing the bigger picture and many have double standards, they have no problem binge drinking and causing all sorts of problems on alcohol but see legal highs as some sort of demon, when the real demons are themselves” – says one former protester, “I was once completely against legal highs, but after getting a broader understanding for the Psychoactive Substances Act and what is actually going on, it’s making a lot of sense”.

“Many of the billboards and flyers being handed out by the protesters are using images of heavy crack cocaine addicts, worst case scenario images from the USA, completely unrelated to legal highs. Some feature GBL and methamphetamine addicts, both completely unrelated and completely different drugs to those that currently have interim licences here in New Zealand, it’s blatant propaganda.”

NZ Legal Highs was sent an image of the head protest organizers Facebook page, featuring “Jim Beam” a well known Bourbon Alcohol brand as his main cover photo.


Some are starting to question the ethics and morals of not only those in the legal highs industry, but now those that are against it.

TV3’s Campbell Live program last night featured a segment on the St Johns ambulance workers. The piece stated that alcohol is the primary factor in a large majority of accidents and emergencies.

Are our selective morals simply a part of our culture, or is there real reason to be concerned about the availability of certain types of legal highs in New Zealand?

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