Health Select Committee update on Legal Highs Substances Bill

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The Health Select Committee report has been released and a number of amendments have been made since the first reading.

You can download the latest copy of the Psychoactive Substances Bill here (Click to open).
Continue reading for some key points and updates.

Some key points of interest; The government have an affirmative statement that products that meet the criteria will be approved. This is important because the government can not possibly go through this extremely expensive exercise of regulating such products and not allow some to pass the test. It would be a failure if no products are allowed through the new regime.

Animal Testing: A general principle that evidence from animal testing is not and will not be used unless necessary, and if animal testing IS used, it MUST comply with minimum welfare guidelines. Most professionals both inside and out of the industry will be pleased to know this unlikely to be a strong requirement, but the government are not completely ruling out the possibility. This still isn’t enough for some Animal welfare activists, but I believe that most within the industry will go to great lengths to avoid animal testing.

There will be new licences to research, sell by wholesale and sell by retail. There will be a ban on the sale of psychoactives from dairies, convenience stores, supermarkets, petrol stations, all licenced premises, tents and vehicles. Which means that dairies will no longer be allowed to sell “legal highs”. Stores may only sell legal highs if they are licenced as a different kind of business from those above and don’t legally qualify as a “dairy”.

Even further and more strict restrictions on advertising and marketing. “We recognise the strongly held views against advertising of such products, and recommend amending clause 53 to include a clear restriction of advertising of approved psychoactive products to point of sale, and that no advertising should be visible from outside a retail outlet. While recognising that it would be difficult to enforce, we also recommend a prohibition on internet advertising except on sites maintained for the primary purpose of selling approved products. After careful consideration of the community issues surrounding the advertising and naming of approved product retail establishments, we recommend inserting new clause 53A which sets out restrictions on retailers’ names.”

Tider provisions on appeals, which means that persons with no interest cannot appeal.

This new psychoactive substances bill is shaping up to be somewhat fair to the industry while maintaining strict regulation which is important for the future and the safety of the industry as a whole.

We will continue to cover the Psychoactive Substances Bill and the Legal Highs scene in NZ and ensure that you know where, how and what to buy to ensure you get the best and safest legal highs in the future.



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