Hastings district court puts religion before business

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Adult Selections director Steven Batty is upset over the Hastings council’s plan to further restrict the sale of legal highs.

Hastings District Council wants to limit outlets to those 100m or further from facilities such as churches and schools.

If the council went ahead with their proposal, then Steven Batty would have to move his Heretaunga east business.

Under the proposed new rule, his business would be too close to an “Assembly of God” church. He wants the limit reduced to 50 metres.

Moving his business would not be a problem for him, he told the Dominion post on Thursday, but it might be for other people.

Some people in Heretaunga St East said his customers can be intimidating.

Mr Batty told the Dom post that he did his best to make sure his clients did not impact on others. He opens his shop early before all the other shops are open to take the pressure off as much as he can.

The new law, which limited the sale of legal highs to those granted a licence, had concentrated buyers from across the district into the two shops in Hastings allowed to sell them.

Mr Batty had people arriving from Waipukurau, Dannevirke and Wairoa, but he would not say how much his legal high business had increased since the changes, except to say it was “quite substantial”.

Mr Batty’s was one of 12 submissions to council’s proposal received by the closing date of November 8.

The second licensed Hastings retailer, sex shop owner Gordon Arcus, said the 100m exclusion zone would not affect him, but he would be backing Mr Batty’s request to make it 50m.

He said taking Adult Selections “out of the game” would create a monopoly, and despite that he would have that monopoly, he did not think that was a good business model.

Since the new law had been enacted his legal high turnover had risen, “but not substantially”.

Those who wanted the sale of the drugs out of the central business area altogether included the Hastings Business Association.



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