NZ Lotteries Commision “Inside Job” to shutdown legal highs

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According to local retail outlets that sell synthetic cannabis, the NZ Lotteries Commission are threatening shop owners and lotto outlets.

The NZ Lotteries commission are not allowing any dairy or store that sells legal highs to sell “Lotto” or other lottery brands.

Below is the letter obtained exclusively by Legal Highs NZ, we have removed the address of the dairy owner to ensure his privacy;

NZ lotteries synthetic cannabis

Synthetic cannabis and party pills will no longer be sold at Lotto retailers.

NZ Lotteries has written to 600 independently owned retailers telling them not to sell synthetic cannabis and similar products from July 1, 2013.

Internal Affairs Minister Chris Tremain and newly-appointed Associate Health Minister Todd McClay have both supported the move.

Mr Tremain says the sooner psychoactive substances are out of shops, the better.

“New Zealanders are extremely concerned about what these products are doing to the health of our young people.┬áThis is a community issue and I am pleased to see Lotto making a firm stand on it.”

Selling the products was “not compatible” with the sale of lotteries products because profits from NZ Lotteries was returned to the community and synthetic cannabis products have been linked to crime and violent offending, Mr Tremain says.

The Psychoactive Substances Bill is currently before the Health Select Committee which is due to report back shortly.

The bill was originally scheduled to pass into law on August 13, but former Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne was trying to fast-track the legislation by mid-July.

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