Discount legal highs sales before the big ban in dairies nationwide

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Some dairies around the country are scrambling to clear stock and are selling synthetic cannabis and other legal highs at greatly discounted prices.

Associate Minister of Health, Todd McClay criticized the price cutting and called for retailers to show responsibility.

‘Legal High’ Legislation – McClay Counting Down the Days

Monday, 8 July 2013, 9:42 am
Press Release: New Zealand Government

Hon Todd McClay

Associate Minister of Health

7 July 2013

Media Statement

Legal High’ Legislation – McClay Counting Down the Days

Associate Health Minister Todd McClay says he is counting down the days until a new law provides New Zealanders with greater protection from potentially harmful drugs. Mr McClay will continue meeting with affected individuals and communities this week as Parliament debates the final stages of his Psychoactive Substances Bill.

The Bill is expected to pass its third and final reading on Thursday 11 July and upon enactment will see all so-called ‘legal highs’ immediately removed from dairies and non-specialist shops as well as strict prohibitions on the sale to, possession and consumption by, under 18 year olds.

“These drugs are causing considerable concern to parents and increasing levels of harm to those who take them. I have received an account of a child as young as 11 being admitted to hospital with addiction problems as a result of taking psychoactive substances. The sooner this dangerous muck is out of our dairies and corner stores the better”, said Mr McClay

“My number one priority as Associate Minister of Health is to ensure that the risks from these products are absolutely minimal.  I hear on a daily basis from doctors and nurses in hospital Emergency Departments and mental health units just how much damage and suffering these products have done, particularly to our young people. With this legislation we are putting those who profit from this harm on notice.”

While the Bill is set to come into law in the next few days communities continue to work with Police to put in place local measures to end legal highs being sold. Manurewa is a recent example and it is an approach wholeheartedly endorsed by Mr McClay.

“I applaud the action we’ve seen taken by a community like Manurewa as well as many other parts of New Zealand. Where communities have spoken they have increasingly been successful in having products removed from local shelves. The Psychoactive Substances Bill will back these local communities by giving new powers to councils to further restrict the sale and availability of ‘legal highs’. ”

“I am pleased to say that the sentiments and wishes of these communities have been embraced in my Bill and in a few days’ time not only will they have full legislative protection from the unrestricted availability of these substances in their communities, this support will be extended the whole of New Zealand as well”, Mr McClay said.



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