Are legal highs too cheap? Making them too easy to afford?

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With legal high price wars and companies pushing for more sales in a market where synthetic use is apparently declining, are legal highs too cheap?

We are now seeing pre Psychoactive Substances Act prices with products selling for as low as $6, the same price as a cup of coffee, is this a problem?

Once again, some legal highs companies are pushing prices down to ridiculous levels – for as little as $6, no more than a large cup of coffee, you can now buy a small bag of synthetic cannabis.

With most 2.5 gram packs of synthetic cannabis now around $12-$15, down by half from the highs of $30 just six months ago, the price is certainly bringing legal highs products in to the “spare change” territory and we are seeing the effects all over the country.

People that once had to save up their money to buy just one pack, can now buy two for the price of one, if not more. Some companies are really starting to drive the prices down to levels where begging for money on the street is just as effective as working or even stealing to buy their next pack.

It’s making it much easier for young people to get hold of the products and is removing any image of value the products once had. Now anyone can get really, really high, with just a few $2 coins.

Are these new low prices part of the problem? Are legal highs too accessible due to their low prices and does the government need to come forward and set some form price standardization or increase taxes to help reduce availability … it worked with alcohol didn’t it?


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