Peter Dunne: All synthetic cannabis & legal highs to be banned in two weeks

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Synthetic Cannabis to be banned: Peter Dunne has just announced that all legal highs will be taken off shelves and banned within two weeks.

This comes just hours before Labour leader David Cunliffe planned to announce Labours new policy to remove all legal highs form sale immediately.

The New Zealand government will ban all synthetic drugs within two weeks until such time as they can be proven to be low-risk, Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has revealed.

Labour had planned to announce it’s policy on psychoactive substances on Monday, following increasing pressure from media and local communities.

Peter Dunne told media this afternoon; “Last Tuesday, Cabinet agreed on a proposal from me to introduce legislation under urgency when Parliament resumes to remove the remaining 41 products from the shelves until such time as their low-level of risk can be proven.”

The immediate ban on legal highs has some experts worried that “organised crime” will move in and take over the synthetic cannabis markets.

One industry insider told us; “The government has moved on legal highs this way due to political games, this will no doubt lead to products that are substantially more dangerous and unsafe being sold on the black market”

Many are concerned after 3 News educated the entire nation on how they could go about purchasing incredibly pure powdered forms of synthetic cannabis online.

Ross Bell told 3 News that customs are likely to have an extremely hard time stopping the pure synthetic cannabis compounds and other legal highs entering the country, as enough for up to 500 doses can be shipped in an envelope undetected.

Some of the most vulnerable in society are likely to pay the price, once again.


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